The best part of Aloe Vera provides the perfect nutrition in our products.

Why A5-Imun™ - What is it and what is its origin?

A5-Imun™ is Alive@5 Nutrition’s name for the patented, organic state-of-the-art Aloe Vera inner leaf gel powder containing the industry’s highest standardized levels of Aloe Vera’s most bioactive ingredient called Acemannan. Acemannans are the bioactive polysaccharides found in aloe vera gel that are responsible for its rich history as nature’s most health-promoting plant. Acemannans are polysaccharides comprised predominantly of the sugar mannose. Unlike other sugars in nature that are used by the body for energy production, Mannose is essential to every cell in the body for proper cell-to-cell communication including all functions of defense, repair, and regeneration.

The bioavailable fractions of Acemannan can be absorbed into the blood stream within minutes, providing mannose to our cells and organs.  The immunomodulatory fractions help activate and modulate the activity of macrophages, the master regulating cells of our immune systems. Once the macrophages are activated, they can produce a variety of immune compounds needed to facilitate wound healing and the effective monitoring of viruses, infections, and disease processes. Attachment and engulfment are two independent and necessary processes for the function of macrophages. Macrophages accomplish the attachment process by various cell surface receptors.

Mannose-rich compounds (i.e. Acemannan) are broken down and used to make glycoproteins, which play a major role in cell structure, adhesion, defense, and immunological activities, thereby enhancing macrophage activity.

Combining A5-Imun™ with vitamins and minerals provides the most unique solution for fighting malnutrition, obesity and diabetes.

A5-Imun™, developed as an advanced immune supporting technology, contains the industry’s highest levels of Acemannan and is the most biologically active commercial aloe vera made:

  • HIGHEST Total Acemannan (5-10 times more efficacious than industry standard due to farming practices, harvesting techniques and proprietary processing).
  • ‍HIGHEST Immunomodulatory Acemannan < 400 KDa
  • HIGHEST Bio-available Acemannan < 50 KDa
  • ‍FULL SPECTRUM of Molecular Weight Polysaccharides
  • ‍Aloin Free (<0.00142%)
  • ‍Highest Polysaccharide Content –On Average 20%
  • ‍Completely Water Soluble
  • ‍Excellent Clean Taste


Over 70 percent of the body’s immune cells are located in the gut. Acemannan must be the correct size to be detected and engulfed by macrophages. Macrophages, essential immune cells, act as directors of various immune responses. Studies have shown that Acemannans with a molecular weight of <400 KDa are powerful macrophage activators while those with larger than 400 KDa have only marginal immunomodulatory activity. Activated macrophages are deeply involved in self-regulated immunomodulation.


Acemannans with a molecular weight of less than 50 KDa can be absorbed immediately through the intestinal walls and transported into the blood stream. The role of mannose is so important to our overall health and immune function that epithelial cells lining the gut have mannose-specific receptors for the active uptake of these mannose structures from our diets. Once absorbed, they are transported directly into the blood stream and delivered to other cells, tissues and organs throughout the body. Mannose is essential for all cellular functions, including those involved in repair, regeneration and defense.

The uniqueness of our whole food technology—A5-Imun™—is the core of our nourishing ability and efforts... not only because it contains the highest level of Acemannan available anywhere, but also because it is exclusively ours... as such, there is no other company anywhere that can bring this accuracy of nourishment to the marketplace... and that alone enables us to confidently proceed... just knowing there will never be an opportunity for another entity to duplicate and/or undercut our efforts brings security and confidence to the risk/reward aspect of our research and development program, as well as all additional production and marketing endeavors.

Alive@5 Nutrition wants to build a small but effective family of products, all “Powered by A5-Imun™”... our initial points of market entry have already been contacted and are anticipating the advent of these products... while the materialization of these products can't be revealed fast enough, it is imperative that we produce healthy, synthetic-free, sugarless results that emphasize taste and texture and contain the healthiest all-natural, plant based nutrients available.

Benefits of A5-Imun™

Source: Independent laboratory research studies, published company.

Benefits of Acemannan

Source: Independent laboratory research studies, published company.
Gastrointenstinal Properties

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