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We've made powerfully nutritious products using the best part of the Aloe Vera plant. Now, partner with us to provide these products to the world's children.

The work to help nourish millions of lives begins with one – YOU.

We are not alone. It will take an alliance to eradicate malnutrition. Individuals, foundations, businesses, universities and leaders from 83 countries around the globe are partnering with Alive@5 to plan, produce and provide essential nutrition to the malnourished.

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Does your company have a philanthropic cause?
Do you have vision to create a company that does good?

"Nourish You and Another Too™."

That's our program slogan designed to provide both the consumer and the children we nourish with the exact same standardized whole food nutritional support. Each and every product developed and sold provides the highest nutritional support for both the consumer and a needy child somewhere in the world. Our social entrepreneurship model delivers “value” to every segment of this social and cultural endeavor throughout the world. Children’s lives are saved through nutrition while generating a positive “return to society”. Our approach to social entrepreneurship in modern society offers an altruistic form of business that focuses on the benefits that society may reap. 

Simply put, our social entrepreneurship model of involvement becomes a social endeavor when it transforms social capital in a way that affects society positively. Our Social Entrepreneurship model connects the sale and product development of our fortified nutritional products  with the co-branding  of like-minded organizations to bring relief to  an undernourished child somewhere in the world. The result: “Knowingly Participation” in the sale of every product sold provides “measurable value” to the consumer and a malnourished child too. Whole food-sourced vitamins and minerals, when added  to our unique immune-support technology, can provide the necessary fuel to combat the inadequacies of ‘food-only’ feeding programs, thereby enhancing all our efforts. Alive@5 is constantly seeking like-minded and effective new relationships, by way of social investments, that transform the international impact of nutrition for those we serve. We would love to discuss world-wide opportunities with you!

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