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Connect, educate, empower and organize a movement of passionate people to eliminate childhood malnutrition and obesity, internationally, and in the U.S. through our Nourish You and Another Too™ program. In doing so, to bless children and “at risk” peoples around the world with the love of God through real food nutritional support designed to improve their overall health and quality of life.

Unquestionable passion behind everything we do.

We are a privately owned, wholesale direct distribution services company of nutritional products located in Dallas, Texas, focused on quality and excellence of food nutrition. We are committed to developing the finest and most efficacious, nutritional products, utilizing natural, whole-food plant-based ingredients in our family of products, to serve a malnourished world, especially children in need through our Nourish You and Another Too™ program.

We advocate living a healthy lifestyle and therefore enjoy producing products that support these values. We hope to attract, develop and expand a world-wide alliance of co-branding partners who embrace the global opportunity to play a positive role in an undernourished society.

We offer a proprietary ingredient extracted from the aloe vera plant in all our products. We have an exclusive, world-wide license for this healthful ingredient. Through existing distribution channels we move our products world wide and give back to our partnering organizations to further the cause in their own respective communities. There is a profound difference between “feeding” and “nourishing” the body.

We’re excited about the opportunity to join hands with you in building a great company that serves a malnourished world.

Our Goals

1 Million
2.5 Million
10 Million
20 Million

Our Team


Vamos Mexico
Lorand Labs
Genuine Co.
Success Service Solutions
Advantage Label Co.
Learfield Licensing Partners
Frost Brown Todd LLC
American Nutritional Partners
Convoy of Hope
Manna Relief
Glanbia Nutritionals
Churches – Orphanages
Food Banks – Relief/Disaster Organizations
Cellular Chemical Biologists
Food Scientists

Alive@5 with Mexico,
South and Central
America Distributors,
Former Mexico President Vicente & Former
First Lady Marta Fox


Advanced Whole Food Nutrition
Immune Support
100% All Natural
No Added Sugar
USDA Organic
Gluten Free
Kosher Certified
No Synthetics
Ph Balanced
No Preservatives or Artificial Flavorings

A Personal Story of Triumph and Understanding

During my college days, I played Division I football. Our team physician was a wonderful, humorous man, Dr. Joe Reneau. Our entire team loved ‘The Guesser’—he was, and is, a very fond memory for many fellow athletes.

After graduation, I had no reason to see Joe; that is, until September 23, 1979. That morning I had a terrible pain in my groin area, and at the urging of my wife, I called Dr. Joe who told me to get to his office immediately.  After a thorough examination, and with all the emotional courage he could muster, Joe said, ‘you have a tumor’.  I was 27 years old, celebrating my first wedding anniversary, on my way to the admittance area at Seton Medical Center and scheduled for surgery bright and early the next morning.  That was my first experience with cancer; unfortunately, it wouldn’t be my last.

Hearing the word ‘cancer’,especially when it’s being used as a personal descriptive reference, will certainly get your attention.  That diagnosis will also start you on a mission of search and discovery—mine has lasted almost 40 years.  From the moment the oncologist told me he wanted to ‘destroy’ my immune system, my journey through the alternative world of prognosis etiquette began.

Because seven members of my family have been diagnosed with and treated for ‘the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body’, and because I’m the only one who chose to battle the diagnosis with natural weapons and survived, I continue to look for any quantifiable studies in support of apoptosis (the programmed death of cells) with passion.  I am absolutely convinced that the human body can be positively and negatively impacted by it’s external and internal environments; and, just as intensely, I believe there’s an equally profound physical consequence to how we fuel the body—how we give it nourishment!

In my search for the proverbial ‘magic bullet’, I found some amazing evidence supporting inflammation (part of the complex biological response of body tissues to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants, and is a protective response involving immune cells (microphages), blood vessels, and molecular intercessors) as the source of all disease.  So with that as my premise, it seemed more than reasonable to look for whatever scientifically proven foods, nutrients, ingredients and healthcare protocols (the methods which should be followed to control a specific disease) were being used to counteract this pathology, especially on the cellular level.  Based on the data I’ve examined, it’s my personal conviction that the most anti-inflammatory, antineoplastic, bioavailable immuno-stimulant available today is Acemannan.

Acemannan is a complex polysaccharide found in the inner leaf gel of the aloe plant. It's composed of mannose, glucose, and galactose monomers (bondable molecules) making it into a polysaccharide (a carbohydrate whose molecules consist of a number of sugar molecules bonded together).

Alive@5’s A5-Imun™ has the precise molecular weight and size necessary for Acemannan’s bioavailability and direct stimulatory effects on the immune system. It has specific mannose transporters with the ability to carry solutions and nutrients to the inflammation ‘site’ on a cellular level.

One final personal note: I am not a scientist; just a man who regards ‘seek and you shall find’ as truth. I believe any God-made, animal or plant-based element, one that’s been scientifically proven to combat the devastation of disease by enhancing our immune system’s ability to counteract internal inflammation, deserves the opportunity to greet the body’s insurgents with a potent cellular defense.  In combination with ’real food’ nutrients, our active aloe component introduces many pathogens to the perfect storm.

All of us at Alive@5 Nutrition are excited for you to knowingly participate with us in our Nourish You and Another Too™ initiative. With every product you purchase we nourish a child, both here and abroad. Thank you in advance for helping us alleviate malnutrition and obesity by purposely nourishing one another with organic, no sugar added, synthetic-free hydration drinks, functional beverages, protein bars and snacks, powered by A5-Imun™.

Bobby Giles
CoFounder, Partner
Alive@5 Nutrition, LLC

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