On a Mission

Connect, educate, empower and organize a movement of passionate people to eliminate childhood malnutrition and obesity, internationally, and in the U.S. through our Nourish You and Another Too™ program. In doing so, to bless children and “at risk” peoples around the world with the love of God through real food nutritional support designed to improve their overall health and quality of life.

Unquestionable passion behind everything we do.

We are a privately owned, wholesale distributor of nutritional supplements located in Dallas, Texas, focused on quality and excellence of food nutrition. We are committed to developing the finest and most efficacious, nutritional products, utilizing natural, whole-food plant-based ingredients in our family of products, to serve a malnourished world, especially children in need through our Nourish You and Another Too™ program.

We advocate living a healthy lifestyle and therefore enjoy producing products that support these values. We hope to attract, develop and expand a world-wide alliance of co-branding partners who embrace the global opportunity to play a positive role in an undernourished society.

We offer a proprietary ingredient extracted from the aloe vera plant in all our products. We have an exclusive, world-wide license for this healthful ingredient. Through existing distribution channels we move our products world wide and give back to our partnering organizations to further the cause in their own respective communities. There is a difference between “feeding” and “nourishing” children, young adults and the elderly in our world.

We’re excited about the opportunity to join hands with you in building a great company that serves a malnourished world.

Our Goals

1 Million
2.5 Million
10 Million
20 Million

Our Team


Vamos Mexico
Lorand Labs
Genuine Co.
Success Service Solutions
Advantage Label Co.
Seedlings LLC
Learfield Licensing Partners
Frost Brown Todd LLC
American Nutritional Partners
Convoy of Hope
Manna Relief
Glanbia Nutritionals
Churches – Orphanages
Food Banks – Relief/Disaster Organizations
Cellular Chemical Biologists
Food Scientists

Alive@5 with Mexico, South and Central America Distributors,
Former Mexico President Vicente & Former First Lady Marta Fox


Advanced Whole Food Nutrition
Immune Support
100% All Natural
No Added Sugar
USDA Organic
Gluten Free
Kosher Certified
No Synthetics
Ph Balanced
No Preservatives or Artificial Flavorings

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